80% on Kickstarter and Other News!



Later today the new build will be uploaded with a language option in the settings menu! So keep your eyes peeled and let any Portuguese speaking friends you have know! ^_- Having multiple languages is a huge party of the inclusivity that the Squid Sins Squad is all about, so fingers are crossed that we'll be able to add even more in the future! 

For those of you who don't follow any of our other social media, our artist has been working on a lot of the art for the artbooks should we be fully funded on our kickstarter! She just finished up your Casanova Faki here:

An HD, fullpage version of this without the watermark will be in both the digital and physical books!

She's also finished errrrbody's favorite bird boy, Talon! We're pleased as punch that a lot of people seem to consider him the best boy <3 Seeing all of your get excited for the love interest makes all warm and fuzzy inside. (You know, in the PG way).

And now that the art's all wrapped up, it's time to thank everyone who has downloaded our demo, given us feedback and just generally been amazing. Also, a huge thank you to everyone who has also gone on to support our kickstarter! Over 200 backers, 6.4K hit, and 80%%!!! We still have 20% (1600) to go, so if you haven't checked out our kickstarter yet, you can find it here.  ICYMI, we currently do not have the budget for voice actors, but should we hit 12K in funding, our team is willing to revisit and have a discussion about the subject again. 

In the mean time, there will still be some streamers who will play through the demo. Feel free to follow our twitter or facebook page for daily updates on that! We try to only update once a week or so on here when we have at least three different things to talk about. 




Remember to stay safe, and stay hydrated!

-Squid Sins Squad

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