45% on Kickstarter and other exciting things!

Wow! 45% in less than 10 days! The support our demo has had is incredible, and we are immensely grateful! If you haven't had a chance to check out the kickstarter yet, you can find it right here: https://goo.gl/mrgiC5

And, for those of you who have already visited, we have some exciting announcements! 

First off, cosmetic: We've decided to add Kitty Ears to Halima the Sphinx. For those of you who played our NaNoReno game jam VN (from a different programmer than the main game) you might have noticed that Khalil the Sphinx has them and they're f@#king adorable. So, in the interest of SCIENCE (and not an adoration of kitty girls) we decided to add them to Halima too.

Secondly, would any of you be interested in having a discord where you can discuss theories with each other, desires for the game, or just generally hang out with others who have the same interests as you? Please let us know if you have an opinion!

And lastly! On today (3/27/19) our artist will be doing an art stream to finish off Faki's pin up! You can find her here on Twitch!

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Having a Discord is always nice - it makes the wait more manageable!

And congrats on almost 50% in 10 days! I hope we'll make it!

We hope so too! It's just so hard not to jinx ourselves, haha!